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Collar/Module Instructions

Module Installation for Replacement Collars with HOLES

Module removal:  Use the plastic tool that came with your system (or pair of pliers) to loosen & tighten the probes on your receiver module.

Please note:  There may be slight discoloration on the collar where theholes were drilled and will be hidden by the receiver module.



Module Installation for Replacement Collars WITHOUT HOLES

To install receiver module:

1) remove the plastic hardware fromnew collar and line up the three plastic pieces in the orderas they are removed.

2) “Weave” collar through slotsaround the receiver and replace plastic hardware.

3) Adjust collar to fit your dog.

4) Cut excess material with scissorsand use lighter to melt newly cut end and any loose threads.



Please do not return collar due to length

This collar is designed extra long to accommodate the largest of breeds and easily customized shorter to fit medium and small breeds.

1) Adjust collar to comfortably fit your dog.

2) Cut excess material with scissors.

3) Use stick lighter to melt newly cut end and any loose threads.





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